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Like any brand worth its salt, we’ve experienced a number of ups & downs during our travels. There have been numerous exhilarating ‘autobahn moments’ where we were able to put, ‘pedal to the metal’ and a number of exasperating traffic jams, pot holes and cul de sacs that saw us shunted into the slow lane.

And yet, for every wrong turn or burst tyre, there’s a growing number of Coldpress loyalists who’re adamant that today’s Coldpress is very much on track.

The Original Poster Boys of HPP

There’s a lot of guff about who began HPP juices in the UK so let’s just clarify that Andrew Gibb had been merrily crushing fruit & veg in Oz (Preshafruit) the HPP way long before the UK juice revolution had even got out of bed. When Coldpress launched in the UK (2011) there was no-one else out there stemming the tide of so-so pasteurised juice.

Our Waitrose Debut

Waitrose has an enviable track record when it comes to nurturing aspirational, young brands of tomorrow. Back in 2011 our Bracknell brothers grasped the hot, sweaty futility of subjecting delicate fruit & veg to intense bursts of heat, which helps explain why you never see people eating fruit salad in the sauna.

Top Accolade For Our Single Orchard, Pink Lady Apple Juice

We’d always sensed that teaming up with one of the leading lights in ‘appledom’ could prove to be a defining moment for our flagship apple juice and so it proved when The Grocer invited us up on stage to receive one of their highly prized ‘Best New Product’ gongs.

Coldpress Launches 1st All English Apple Juice

If we’d ever appeared on University Challenge, apple juice would have been our specialist subject. This explains why we jumped at the challenge to create the finest apple juice from only ‘homegrown’ English varieties.

Pumpkin Power Wins Prestigious Free From Award

Free-from heat has been our battle cry from Day.1. We craved this highly prized functional food award because we wanted to fly a flag for an under-appreciated fruit that is admired more for its tough, rugged exterior than its fruity inners; which is more than a little odd when you think about it!

Great Juice Travels Well

Carrefour know a thing or 3 about great food and our listing with this undisputed titan of the French food scene was a significant feather in our cap.

A New Hammersmith Pad

Hammersmith was a sea change moment in our roller coaster lives. Finally we had an HQ worthy of our new lofty ambitions and we had the space to grow and prosper whilst drinking decent coffee.

Coop Embrace Our Super Juices

Coop has always stood tall as a retailer that not only backs young, British businesses but also provides best-in-class brands at everyday/affordable price points. As a juice provider committed to democratizing premium tier juice, we’re proud to support such a ‘kindred spirit’ retailer.

Hello Cherry Apple

We knew that we needed a hero product to galvanise our new vision and have long craved an awesome Cherry offer. After all here is a vitamin-rich fruit that doesn’t want to be remembered as simply as a Black Forest or Bakewell tart filler.

Our New, ‘On-the-Go 250ml Offer

Hexagonal bottles as we’ve eluded to a few times already are a proud constant within the Coldpress tale. However in a world where 1st impressions matter, we decided it was time our new on-the-hoof range went from being small & squat to slim & slender.


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Democratizing HPP Juice

We’ve deliberately placed our HPP juices in the ‘mass market’ space. We’ll let others establish aspirational artisan products with super-inflated price tags. Our vision is to industrialise HPP, providing everyday price points so tasty, nutrient-rich juices are enjoyed by the masses.

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Fresh Taste

If you treat your ingredients right they’ll do good by you! We always over-index in blind taste tests because HPP is a ‘fruit & veg friendly’ philosophy that nurtures not neglects!

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Nutritionally Ripped Not Asset Stripped

We think juices today should be a one-stop pit-stop for a variety of beneficial vitamins & anti-oxidants and not simply a vitamin C refuel. The reason we talk about ‘super’ smoothies and juices is because we encourage our drinks between 20-65% of your daily vitamin B, C, D & E needs (per 150ml serving).

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Working With Our Food Heroes

The world needs heroes be they actors, singers, sports stars or even parents! We take enormous pride from the fact that we’re working with the finest Valencian oranges, Pink Lady apples… because if you keep good company, things tend to work out.

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A ‘Purpose-Built’ Pressery

As finicky perfectionists we now realise that it was rather ridiculous to put other people in charge of our juice production. Our NEW, state-of-the-art Spanish ‘pressery’ means we’re beholden to no-one when it comes to range innovation, ingredient & equipment procurement or staff hire.

These days we’re sleeping a lot better!


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Our Exclamation Mark

There are many things in life that seem a good idea at the time, but less impressive on reflection. Side burns & moustaches, flip-flops, swimming caps, go-fast stripes, jelly & candy floss to name but a few.

At the time we felt an exclamation mark logo was a bold statement of intent, but looking back it feels a little ‘shouty’ and unnecessary. Today we let our drinks do the talking.

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It’s hard to get away from the fact that adding sugar is a complete nonsense, often acting as a lazy, ‘masking ingredient’ that really shouldn’t be required if you got your recipes right in the first place.

We wouldn’t go so far as to say that ‘added sugar’ is the agent of Beelzebub but it’s certainly caused its fair share of misery and ill-health over the years.

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We’re very big fans of radiators, heated car seats, summer holidays, piping hot custard and thermos flasks, but when it comes to our fruit and veg the thought of pasteurisation makes our blood boil.

We prefer to put our ingredients under a little pressure and not in a hot, sweaty sauna.